About us

Naskahoor Company uses experienced specialists to provide creative answers in order to meet the business needs of companies who are active in construction industry. By establishing effective communication between project developers and investors, we ensure that your project's business demands are met.

CEO message

In today's highly active and unpredictable world, making decisions about how to manage businesses and invest in the competitive environment of the construction industry, has become a difficult challenge for organizations active in this field. Not only has this challenge reduced the efficiency and success of organizations, but it has also made it tough to predict the prospect for business development in the near future by creating a gap between the current situation and the desired one. Using its expert and agile team, NASKAHOOR Company will provide appropriate solutions based on up-to-date knowledge and professional experience, for idea creation, organizing business, increasing profitability and achieving excellence in your activities. NASKAHOOR helps you to improve the performance of your economic activities and the successful realization of your projects in the entire life cycle of your business.


In 1398, in order to present a new style of business management related to the construction industry, NASKAHOOR Company started its activity by gathering a group of the most active and experienced experts in this field. Using expertise and knowledge as well as having an energetic family, the company creates competitive advantages and ensures the success of the construction industry projects.


Achieving the position of the best-specialized brand in providing consulting and business management services in the field of construction and urban projects in the country with the highest contractual volume and the most diverse private and public customers in the next 5 years.


Company has defined its mission as follows: Our mission is to create competitive advantages and ensure the success of business projects by providing high quality consultation and management services in accordance with international and domestic standards.


We improve the performance of your economic activities and ensure the successful implementation of your projects.